National DevOps Day 2022

Celebrating the powerful partnerships that bring Dev and Ops together — to collaborate, to innovate, and to create amazing customer experiences.


"I love that DevOps practices and tools are always evolving. So many DevOps tools have emerged over the years, making us more effective at delivering great products and customer experiences. Ultimately, this continued improvement of DevOps means we can deliver value to our customers faster."


Pierre-Alexandre (PA) Masse, VP of Engineering, Split

“I believe what we’re trying to do within our industry is create this mind shift where you are thinking about the end customer all the time—not just in the production environment, you are always thinking about the end customer experience through every step of the journey.”

Ben Narramore

Ben Narramore, Director of Operations and Service Management, PlayStation

"I'm really drawn to the DevOps concepts of automation, collaboration, and continual improvement. DevOps allows my company to innovate quicker and respond more dynamically to the market while serving the highest possible quality with the most efficient use of physical equipment."


John Martin, Senior System Engineer, Hulu

“DevOps are the unsung heroes of any product engineering organization. Without DevOps understanding, writing and shipping software would be impossible.”


Boki Beran, VP of Engineering, Transposit

"DevOps creates a shared goal between dev and ops: always put the customer first. I'm a huge believer in the idea of continuous feedback and improvement  — always striving to do better and giving customers the best experience possible."


Matthew Zeier, Director of Product Engineering,  Lacework

"In addition to dev and ops, it’s important to remember that DevOps encompasses more—it’s also about security, testing, site reliability engineers, and system and business architects. The teams behind DevOps foster highly reliable, efficient and collaborative environments."


Alan Shimel, CEO and editor-in-chief of MediaOps, publisher of and TechStrong TV

How to Celebrate National DevOps Day


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You’re the Dev to my Ops

Tag a DevOps partner who makes your job easier, better, and just plain awesome. The first 50 completed entries (and their partners) will be eligible to receive a National DevOps Day cap, and all participants will be entered into the raffle for a YETI Tundra cooler (because, summer).


How to participate:

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a force of change in how organizations develop, deploy, and support their products and services, resistant to the labels often found in slower, more traditional development practices. This collaborative, fast-moving approach enables a deep culture of collaboration using a constellation of habits, tools, and people. Born out of a necessity to drive innovation that meets the high pace needs of businesses and customers alike, today's DevOps teams take cooperative, collaborative, and automated approaches to deliver code more efficiently, reliably, and quickly than ever before.

Why is DevOps important?

accelerate software deployments

Accelerate software deployments

Continuously improve

Continuously and iteratively improve

Increase quality

Increase quality of product

stay agile and scale rapidly

Stay agile and scale rapidly

enhance service reliability

Enhance service reliability

take a collaborative approach

Take a collaborative approach to problem-solving

Automate away toil

Automate away toil

Increase productivity

Increase productivity and satisfaction of employees

How does DevOps work?



The greatest minds don’t think alike — they think bigger. Find our favorite resources from DevOps leaders.